9 novembre 2013

Salvatore Iaconesi | Infoscapes: Emerging Human Ecosystems

By Salvatore Iaconesi

A cultural ecosystem for Rome: here is a new geography composed of atoms and bits. We have created an observation platform for a new anthropology of the city.

We find ourselves amid a strange normality.

I'm immersing myself in the streets of Rome, focused on getting to the places where I have errands today and intent on observing the intense physicality of this city. As a result, I'm constantly running the risk of walking into people, slipping while getting off a crowded tram or simply getting lost in the fascination of turning off into a narrow street in the old center instead of heading straight for my destination.

I feel a vibration... and everything changes. Although physically I remain in the same place, I'm somewhere else. I glance at my smartphone, which has notified me of a new message and I am in another place. It is hard to describe. I'm still there - at a crowded intersection by Largo Argentina (a square in Rome's old center, full of ancient ruins), trying to avoid being run over by a car as I cross the street along with many other people. But I am also elsewhere.


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