4 aprile 2013

Calendar - Preventing architectural amnesia

“But why, indeed,” writes Gillo Dorfles, transcribing a grueling interview with Andy Warhol given a few years before his death, “did he wear this mask of impermeability?”

“I'd prefer to remain a mystery. I never give my background, and, anyway, I make it all up different every time I'm asked. It's not just that it's part of my image not to tell everything, it's just that I forget what I said the day before, and I have to make it all up over again.” **
Warhol, perhaps, suffered from a short-term memory disorder like that of Leonard Shelby, the character in the film Memento by Christopher Nolan, who must rely on messages scribbled on Post-It notes, at the margins of Polaroid photos, or even tattooed on his own body in order to exact revenge on John G., the man who supposedly raped and murdered his wife and engineered the incident that left him with his condition. His desperate efforts to piece together his life anew each day only cause him to be manipulated by someone he believes is helping him, ultimately leading him to kill the wrong people. In a moment of lucid despair, he wonders, “How can I heal if I can’t feel time?”
** Gillo Dorfles, La moda della moda, costa&nolan, Ancona-Milano, 1984, p. 90

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