7 ottobre 2013

"Igort, The Secret Landscape": Life Under Communism

«Initially I found Ukraine obscure; a cloud belonging to the Soviet heaven. Then I started going there more often and the foreign names that I'd been hearing at home since childhood such as Kiev, Odessa, Poltava, Sevastopol, Lviv, Yalta, became more recognizable. I started to ask myself honestly, what was life like around here during and after communism?»
The documentary about Igort, a cartoonist, starts with this quote from him. The show, filmed by Domenico Distilo [Director of Photography: Maurizio Tiella, Editor: Alberto Masi. Produced by Marco Lo Curzio; SCIARA Film Production/Media Design].
Igort tells the story of his trip to Ukraine, a sort of initiation diary that changed his life, "a sort of practical test, on the ground" to come to terms with himself, with the "communist dream" as it says in the documentary and what was left of it.
As he tells the story, he reveals his own creative journey, the idea, the notes on the diaries, books, travel, stories, visual notes taken with an old camera, notes, preparatory drawings, retouches on the computer and then finally a conversation with a French publisher. (What a beautiful comic store at around 29 minutes into the show!)


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