13 giugno 2013

Modern chinese landscapes by Yao Lu

Anyone who’s traveled across China in recent years will have come face to face with a place that’s changing very rapidly, as a result of strong economic growth. The country has become a huge, compulsive building site, which is transforming the age-old static image of China’s landscape.
Any area that lacks building sites is an area that is outside the sphere of economic growth – and therefore without a future, and doomed to poverty. The country’s metamorphosis has brought not only new ways of thinking, living, and behaving, but also new tools and materials with which to produce art.
The artist Yao Lu has immersed himself in this transformation, finding a metaphor for telling the story of the contemporary Chinese landscape in the green or black dustproof sheets that cover building materials or waste. For Yao Lu, these dustproof sheets are signs of change – temporary, artificial coverings that mark the passage from what was to what will be.


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