20 luglio 2013

Design 101, Funambulist Pamphlets and The Proactive Revolution In Architecture

Design 101

Do you remember the Whoami non-school created by Stefano Mirti (of interactiondesignlab) and Lucia Giuliano (of Abadir)?

[...] Following the success of their non-school, interactiondesignlab and Abadir have thus created the first chair - Italian-inspired but in English - in cyberspace (an obsolete word, but one I like to dust off), as well as the first Italian MOOC chair in design. 

So you see, it can be done.

The Funambulist pamphlets

Léopold Lambert [...] following his recent book Weaponized Architecture, brought out by the New York publisher Punctum Books, he will publish a series of 12 short works drawn from the material on is blog, edited into more standard English by Anna Kłosowska and Eileen Joyin.

In keeping with the blogger's ethic of free access to knowledge, the pamphlets will be downloadable free of charge as PDFs, as well as being printable on demand through the publisher. Open access in other words.

The Proactive Revolution in Architecture

A few days ago Antonino Saggio announced the arrival of a new series of books on architecture, writing on his Facebook page:
"Dear Facebook friends, a few minutes ago a new series, The Proactive Revolution in Architecture, was born. We have decided that Gaetano De Francesco's fine book Foreste Urbane ('Urban Forests') should remain free to download (in Italian) for a few days".

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